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Day 365


One year and counting...

A year ago today, I launched Holdframe, a side project I had been developing that was only made possible by the amazing people in our community.

I originally introduced Holdframe via Motionographer, with this post. Soon after we were featured on: It’s Nice That, the Working Not Working Magazine, Eye on Design and Stash, to name a few.

To say that the response to Holdframe has exceeded expectations would be an understatement.

So far, this little experiment has:

  • Released 14 projects on the Market and Odds & Ends.

  • Shared 28 Freebies.

  • Generated over $45,000 for the artists involved.

  • Donated $5,000 to charity.

  • Been viewed on every continent by 167 different countries.

  • Had nearly 60,000 unique visitors and over half a million page views.

  • Processed nearly 40,000 downloads (That's over 100 a day!?)

To put it bluntly, that’s fucking amazing!

I’m truly in awe that a simple Squarespace site can pop into existence and, thanks to a handful of like-minded individuals, make that much of an impact in just one year.

It blows my mind every time I see the map of our users and check the analytics.

Room to improve

First of all, I would have liked to use this News portion of the site a bit more, and been a bit more active and attentive online. 2018 has very much been a year where I have come to fully understand the whole “when it rains, it pours” saying.

The beginning of 2018 kicked off with a newborn son. On top of that, I started running and began training for my first marathon. I continued teaching and taking on the occasional freelance job. And in addition to Holdframe and all of that, I also unexpectedly ended up taking over the editorial duties at Motionographer. If I were to be completely honest, it’s been a bit overwhelming at times but at the end of the day, these are all good things and good problems to have, I suppose.

I don’t bring this up to make excuses, more so to be honest and transparent about this past year and Holdframe’s future. The fact of the matter is that outside of the amazing contributors who share their work on the site, Holdframe is just me giving it as much time as I can between my other obligations.

This is something I would like to change moving forward and I’d love to see myself giving this platform more of the attention it deserves, be more regular with sharing work, and possibly even expand the team and bring on help.

In addition to the never-ending battle against time, I want to make an effort for the site and the collection of work shared to be more inclusive and representational of our community. So far, everywhere that I can, I’ve tried to do my best on this front. But I can do better and my goal is for not only the work on Holdframe to be diverse but also the creators themselves.

What’s next

There are a lot of options here! From a new website and expanded functionality, sharing new projects more regularly, to even exploring the possibility of a subscription service.

The beauty of Holdframe is that it can become anything and I’m open to all suggestions and comments. (Literally, please email me!)

Holdframe started out based on a very simple idea: create a closed loop between the creators and the community, where the creators could share their techniques and knowledge and the community, in turn, could help support those creators. Looking at the numbers above, and all things considered, that proof of concept has succeeded.

There is potential here, and I want the community to help dictate where this all goes from here!  

New project for charity

Overall, it’s been an amazing year full of lots of surprises.

To help celebrate, we are featuring a 40% off sale on all our projects for the next 48 hours.

Not only that, Holdframe has teamed up with Animographer and Co. to bring you a new project in the Market. Featuring 10 of the projects from the recent “A word, a week” project, 100% of the proceeds from this product will be donated directly to the International Rescue Committee.

With work from the likes of: JR Canest, Oliver Sin, ILLO, Rocket Panda, Chris Lloyd, Emanuele Colombo, Picnic Studio, Andrien Ghenassia, Ignacio Osorio, Jonathan Lindgren, you definitely won't want to miss out on this one, and it’s for a good cause!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, gripes, or you want to contribute to Holdframe or help out in any other way, please feel free to reach out at any time: admin@holdframe.com

I truly mean it when I say that I started this platform to be community-centric and I’d love your help!

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who’s contributed to the project and everyone who has taken the time to download something.