AA - Cats, Dogs, and Rats by Harry Teitelman

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Cats, Dogs, and Rats by Harry Teitelman

Whether you know it yet or not, Harry Teitelman has been part of many of your favorite frame-by-frame animation projects in the world of motion design. This music video for Rare Americans is yet another example of Harry's innate ability to make things move, and move well! 

This project offers a rare glimpse at Harry's process from start to finish, from his references, early sketches, storyboards and color scripts all the way down to the animation of each scene and the final edit. 

If you've ever been interested in frame-by-frame animation or using TV Paint, definitely check this out! 

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This product includes

  • Read Me folder which contains the Holdframe Terms of Use
  • Breakdown: Here you will find a pdf discussing many of the key elements of this project.
  • Project Files: Here you will find a series of folders documenting the process of creating this film, from Prepro to Animation and Final Edit.
  • Extras: This product also comes with many of the assets used during the development phase of this project ranging from the storyboards, animatic and colorscript all the way down to the original reference material and sketches.

Please note: This project predominantly uses the application TV Paint. Without a copy of TV Paint you will not be able to access the majority of the animated files.

Application & plugin requirements

  • Applications: TV Paint, Adobe After Effects CC2014 or later, Adobe Photoshop