AA - Don't Be a Bully, Loser by Emanuele Colombo

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Don't Be a Bully, Loser by Emanuele Colombo

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past decade, it's likely that you've seen Emanuele Colombo's work.

In the world of motion design and After Effects animation, to say that Emanuele knows his stuff would be a grave understatement. Don't believe me? Feel free to check out his Freebie, or view any of the number of amazing works on his site

Don't Be a Bully, Loser is yet another example of Emanuele's handiwork. This award-winning film is an excellent case study of many of today's most popular techniques. From graphic illustration and texture to animation techniques such as smears right down to superb character to animation, it's all there. Not only that, all this amazing work is packaged around a touching and positive message focused around social change.

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This product includes

  • Read Me folder which contains the Holdframe Terms of Use
  • Artist Interview: a pre-recorded interview with the artist (Runtime 12:32)
  • Artist Insights: a video walkthrough with the creator highlighting some of the key elements of this project (Runtime 7:43)
  • Project Files: Here you will find the collected After Effects files for this project containing all the shots and assets used in the making of this film.

Application & plugin requirements

  • Applications: Adobe After Effects CC2014 or later, Adobe Illustrator