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Rooms by Andrew Zimbelman

In the world of commercial animation production, it can become increasingly difficult to carve out the time to make a personal project or short film and further develop one’s voice. Rooms is an award-winning film by Andrew Zimbelman that does just that.

Not only is this a perfect example of an artist investing in themselves, but it’s also a beautiful example of handcrafted and meaningful animation.

Based on the poem by Billy Collins, Rooms segues from scene to scene through beautiful illustrations, featuring rich 2D animation, transitions, and textures. This is definitely a project to check out for those interested in illustrative animation!

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This product includes

  • Read Me folder which contains the Holdframe Terms of Use
  • Artist Interview: a pre-recorded interview with the artist (Runtime 48:25)
  • Artist Insights: a video walkthrough with the creator highlighting some of the key elements of this project (Runtime 24:31)
  • Project Files: Here you will find the collected After Effects files for this project containing all the shots and assets used in the making of this film.
  • Additional Files: Here you will find many of the other files used to make Rooms from the design and development phase through the handdrawn animation and 3D previs of the film.

Application & plugin requirements

  • Applications: Main project file - Adobe After Effects CC2014 or later. Additional applications used - Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash/Animate, and Maxon Cinema 4D