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Sins by Ariel Costa

It's difficult to know where to begin in describing Sins by Ariel Costa, aka BlinkMyBrain...

Sins is, hands down, one of the best pieces of animation made within the motion design community in recent years, if not ever. Novices and professionals alike had their minds collectively blown the day this film came out.

Ariel's style of animation is truly one of a kind. By combining a multitude of digital-meets-faux-analog techniques, it can be hard to identify how he did just about anything in this film, until now!

This is a rare opportunity to dive deep into the mind of a true master of our craft.

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This product includes

  • Read Me: folder which contains the Holdframe Terms of Use
  • Artist Interview: a one-on-one interview with the artist (Runtime 01:02:34)
  • Artist Insights: a video walkthrough with the creator highlighting some of the key elements of this project (Runtime 54:17)
  • Project Files: Here you will find the master After Effects file for this project containing the shots and assets used in the making of this film.

Please note: The original version of this film used stock photography which is owned by a third party. To avoid violating the third party’s copyright, these images have since been degraded in order to be included in this product.

Application & plugin requirements

  • Applications: Adobe After Effects CC2014 or later, Adobe Photoshop
  • Plugins: Genarts Sapphire Suite, Real Shadows, BOA, and Omino Snake

Please note: You can still access and explore the project files without these plugins. However, some layers or functions may not be available.