AA - The Wire by Elliot Lim

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The Wire by Elliot Lim

Not only is The Wire one of the best shows of all time but it also has a stunning tribute piece made by the one and only Elliot Lim.

Equal parts title sequence, short film, and homage, this project incorporates texture, character animation, forced perspectives, and delightful transitions all culminating to create one stunning example of 2D motion design.

If you’ve ever been curious about how many of today’s most popular motion design techniques are executed, look no further. This project is chock full of gems that just about anyone can gather insight from.

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This product includes

  • Read Me: folder which contains the Holdframe Terms of Use
  • Artist Interview: a one-on-one interview with the artist (Runtime 49:19)
  • Artist Insights: a video walkthrough with the creator highlighting some of the key elements of this project (Runtime 16:59)
  • Project Files: Here you will find the master After Effects file for this project containing the shots and assets used in the making of this film.

Please note: Due to file size and performance, all the textures have been removed from the original project. Please see Elliot’s Artist Insights piece for information on how he made and applied the textures.

Application & plugin requirements

  • Applications: Adobe After Effects CC2014 or later, Adobe Photoshop